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Girlfriend on a cliff.

It was such a fun time to attend my friend Yujin and Wei’s wedding in this lovely venue called Stonebridge Manor in Mesa, Arizona, can you even imagine the desert would have a place green like this? I was lucky to be asked to be their support photographer, and it was my first time shooting an actual wedding, it was fun and excited!

Yujin & Wei’s wedding. Part II

Yujin & Wei’s wedding, Part III

Salvation Mountain, June, 2014

Carlsbad. March, 2014.

The last photo is to honor “Moonrise Kingdom”.

Details of some selfies.

A few more photos from our last trip while back to Arizona in 2013.

Not in this planet.

Joshua Tree. Feb 16, 2014.

So after we got married for a week, we decided to go back to Slab City to retake our wedding photos, with exactly the same pose as our engagement shots in the same location. 

It was quite a busy day around Salvation Mountain, a lot of visitors. While we were setting up the tripod and self-timing in our camera, people were taking pictures of us, and lots of them yelling “congrats” and “kiss her!”. We were surrounded by love in this land of peace.

All pictures are taken by ourselves (Huilin Dai & Yu Wang), please email huilindesign@gmail.com for permission if you like to use repost the photos.

On the border of Arizona and Utah.

On the border of Arizona and Utah.

Process—complete. Our welcome sign.

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